Mastering Your Rental Property: Pahrump, NV Management Tips from Freedom House Property Management

Property Management in Pahrump, NV


Brief about the importance of property management.

Introduction to Freedom House Property Management.

Key Roles of a Property Manager

Tenant Management: Screening and Rent Collection.

Handling Emergencies: Maintenance, HVAC issues, and electrical outages.

Legalities: Handling evictions.

In-depth Look at Emergency Management

Dealing with no hot water.

What to do in case of electrical outages.

Handling plumbing problems.

Advantages of a Property Manager

Realtor Referral Program: Benefits and how it works.

Using the Tenant Portal for rent payments and maintenance requests.


Recap of the benefits of professional property management.

Why choose Freedom House Property Management for your property in Pahrump, NV.